PherX utilizes a proprietary blend of synthetic human pheromones developed by a team of scientists to maximize attraction from the opposite sex

Science of Pheromones

Scientists have known for decades about an organ just inside the nasal cavity called the vomeronasal organ or VNO, and its sole function is to detect trace amounts of airborne chemicals called pheromones.

Researchers studying human pheromone response have focused on this tiny organ composed of two small pits a few centimeters inside the nasal passage. Specialized nerve pathways now known as "Nerve O" lead from the VNO and run directly to the limbic region of the brain, bypassing the olfactory cortex.

These nerves were thought to remain dormant the majority of the time, but have now been confirmed to become active with a flood of measurable electrical impulses when subjected to specific human pheromones. The evidence is undeniable: Humans do in fact respond to pheromones!

How do Pheromones Work?

Pheromones detected by the VNO have been shown in laboratory tests to send powerful signals directly to the limbic region of the brain, also known as the “seat of emotions”. This region of the brain is not directly connected to reason or cognitive thought patterns, rather it controls our emotions and sexual desires. So, the stimulating feelings we experience from pheromones can be quite powerful.

When these sexual and romantic feelings overwhelm us, our brains release a chemical called phenethylamine which in turn kicks on dopamine production and the next thing we know, the fireworks begin. This powerful cascade of events can happen in a matter of seconds, but the effects can last a life time. This is the phenomena commonly known as "love at first sight", and is well documented in the annuls of brain literature.

The Evidence?

There is plenty of evidence that pheromones work at attracting people. With the advances in science, the evidence that pheromones are effective in attracting opposite sexes is growing rapidly. 

Check out this special report 20/20 did on pheromones reinforcing their effectiveness at attracting the opposite sex.


Are the Pheromones used within the products obtained from humans?

No. The pheromones that are used to manufacture the various pheromone products are chemically synthesized.

What are Synthesized Human Pheromones?

Because of extremely limited supply of human Pheromones, it would be impossible to satisfy the general consumer's demand for non-synthesized versions of Pheromone products. The limited supply would make the human Pheromones incredibly expensive and virtually out of range for over 90% of the population. To deliver the Pheromone product at a fairly reasonable prices, human Pheromones are therefore synthesized to resemble the original chemical compounds.

What is a chemical synthesis?

Synthesis is the construction of complex chemical compounds from simpler ones. It is the process by which many substances important to daily life are obtained. It is applied to all types of chemical compounds, but most syntheses are of organic molecules. Chemists synthesize chemical compounds that occur in nature in order to gain a better understanding of their structures. Synthesis also enables chemists to produce compounds that do not form naturally for research purposes. In industry, synthesis is used to make products in large quantity.

What is a VNO?

VNO Function: Pheromone Communication: The Vomeronasal Organ or VNO is the receptor organ of a sensory system involved in chemical communication. Among mammals, sex Pheromones that advertise sexual readiness to potential mates are often, although not necessarily exclusively, detected by the VNO. Odors that are produced by one individual and detected by another of the same species are called "Pheromones" if the process is a real communication with benefit to both individuals. Sexual communication is only one example.

How does the VNO function?

Human VNO Function: Recent experiments report that an electrical response can be recorded from the VNO pit in awake humans in response to chemicals found in human skin. The researchers suggest that the effective substances (steroids) are human pheromones but have not investigated this possibility scientifically. The best documented examples of chemical (pheromonal?) communication in humans is the synchronization of menstrual cycles among women who live together, and the damping of irregularities in menstrual cycle length by chemicals from males.

Do the pheromones work in the same way for both sexes?

Pheromones work for both hetero and homo sexual attraction. You should always wear the pheromone designed for your gender regardless of which sex you'd like to attract. PherX for Men should only be worn by men and PherX for Women should always be worn by females.

Can I wear PherX with my favorite Cologne or Perfume? 

Of course you can! 

Do PherX Pheromones really work?

Yes, PherX Pheromones hold the key to the success you are looking for! Many University studies have been done and have proven that pheromones work. 

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  • Scientifically Proven Proprietary Formula

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