Attract Women With Pheromones
Believe it or not, scent has a lot to do with your attraction to and for the opposite sex. I'm not talking about the Calvin Klein or Donna Karan varieties; every species emits potent chemical signals that can have profound effects on the same species that surround them.
Have you ever noticed a guy who, although not extremely good-looking or highly stimulating, seems to attract women by the dozens? Chances are that his naturally occurring pheromone release is higher and more detectable than yours.

What are Pheromones?
Pheromones have been detected in every species from insects to reptiles as sex attractants. Basically, pheromones are subconscious sex signals. A specialized structure located inside the nose called the VNO (Vomeronasal Organ) detects these invisible airborne and odorless pheromone molecules that may occur through sweat or urine, for example. However, the VNO organ exists in only about 80% of humans. Some scientists have rendered the organ useless due to its disuse over the centuries. But researchers beg to differ.

Pheromone signals that are sensed by the organ are then sent through certain nerves to a part of the brain called the "hypothalamus" -- a part that's known for its capacity to alter one's emotions, hormones, reproduction and, of course, sexual behavior.

Can pheromones make you hot?
The simple, or not-so simple, answer to whether or not human pheromones can make you more attractive is "maybe." Although researchers at the University of Utah and the University of Chicago discovered that pheromones can alter mood, breathing, heart rate, and body temperature, whether or not they can make someone horny baby (yeah!), has yet to be proven.

And because most of us usually wash off our naturally occurring pheromones, and then opt to further hinder them by dousing ourselves in cologne, chances are no one's getting a whiff of your sex scents.

But certain companies, like, have managed to capture pheromones in a bottle. It's been proven that everyone emits pheromones; some emit more, some less, but because of our hygiene habits, they're usually very minimal and likely undetectable by women's VNOs.

And although the pheromones captured in the bottle are not exactly that of humans, they are chemically synthesized to mimic human emissions of the molecules. Some pheromone manufacturers opt to use naturally occurring pheromones from pigs or deer, but those would only be effective in attracting that species and are therefore rendered useless.

Spray it on and go out
Using pheromones may increase your chances of having sex, but perhaps you shouldn't aim for that end goal right away. Tested on women, pheromones that possessed a musk-like odor had a profound effect on them. However, dousing yourself in pheromones before heading out does not come with a guarantee of sex with an abundance of women.

Women may become friendlier, even touchier with you, but that does not necessarily mean that they are aroused sexually. Odors do affect how often we have sex and with whom, but you can't place all of your eggs in one basket, so to speak.

Thus far, three human pheromones have been detected: androstenol, androstenone, and copulins.

Androstenol & Androstenone
These two pheromones, which surface on the skin of men (and women), occur when chemicals in one's sweat interact with common bacteria. And yes, both of them are believed to influence human attraction.

The difference between them is that androstenol can affect people's impressions of a man's sexual attractiveness, intelligence and confidence.

Androstenone is believed to be the scent of male aggression and dominance. Women are attracted to men who naturally secrete large quantities of these pheromones, and other men tend to avoid them.

Found exclusively in human vaginal secretions, this odor has been shown to raise male testosterone levels (sex drive), and positively affect perceptions of female attractiveness in targeted males. So watch yourself.

But i already have them
Although all of us have naturally occurring pheromones, as aforementioned, bathing and cologne, as well as age and clothing, severely hinder emissions. By spraying's cologne all over yourself, it is believed that you will obtain:

  • An increase in communication from women (eye contact, smiles, etc.)
  • An increase in sexual partners and/or sex with your current partner
  • An increase in passionate sex
  • More respect from men
  • Better professional relationships
  • Amplification in self-confidence

So spray some on, head on out and get your groove on (or stay in with your woman if that's your game instead). The product will remain on your skin for 24 to 48 hours, so long as you don't bathe, thus removing it.

Now you can finally discover if the only thing you're missing is that secret scent that unknowingly attracts people to you. Enjoy the smell of sex.


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"Pheromones have been detected in every species from insects to reptiles as sex attractants. Basically, pheromones are subconscious sex signals."